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Tooth Replacement

Implants (Single/Multiple Tooth)


Dental implants provide a look and feel that is very close to natural teeth.  Implants are metal posts or frames surgically placed beneath your gums.  After placement, the implants fuse to the bone of your jaw and act as a root substitute. Replacement teeth – singularly or grouped on a bridge – are then mounted to the implant. Implants can also serve as a way of securing traditional dentures.  Dr. Udouj can determine the number of implants needed to help hold the dentures in place, giving a stronger, more comfortable fit, and helping eliminate sore spots from shifting dentures.

Fixed Bridgework


Another, less invasive option for tooth replacement is a bridge. A crown, or series of crowns, is made to fit the space and replace the missing teeth; these are then anchored to existing teeth and bonded into place. The crowns look like your own teeth for a natural-looking smile and a comfortable, healthy bite.

Removable Partials


Patients who do not need a full set of dentures, but who do need multiple teeth replaced may opt for removable partial dentures.  These custom-fit prosthetic teeth are designed to be natural looking and support the remaining teeth and may keep them from shifting into the empty spaces.



For many patients, a full set of dentures is needed, and they are now more undetectable than ever before.  Like partials, they are custom-fit, specially designed to fit your mouth and look like your own natural teeth. They can be anchored to implants for a tighter, more secure fit. Dentures can replace your smile and they can also help support muscle and bone to maintain your profile.

Tooth Replacement

Full Mouth Reconstruction


For patients severely uncomfortable with their smile, or who experience a great deal of discomfort due to problems like TMD, full mouth reconstruction may be the best option. This procedure doesn’t just focus on teeth or gums or muscles alone, but rather looks at how they all work together. Every part of the patient’s mouth is reworked or recreated to develop a beautiful smile and an optimal bite, making the patient more comfortable in body and mind.


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